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The Project

A new development of two apartment blocks totalling fifty-seven 1 and 2 bed apartments built in Kingswood, South Gloucester.

The Challenges

The development was due to commence on the site 2 former properties on an industrial estate in Kingswood. When initial groundwork started on the site, machinery was subjected to attacked and fires were deliberately started in the cabin of one of the machines. People were also identified within the site itself having scaled the temporary fencing in situ.

Strongvox needed a solution that not only protected the site itself, but also the machinery and equipment stored on the site whilst the works got underway.

In addition to this, the main construction of the site was built around the timber framed concept and on meeting with the insurance company, it was clear that they also needed a system that could detect and identify any signs of fire on the site and immediately alert the appropriate response service.

The Proposal

Remote Surveillance attended the site on several occasions to meet with the site team and identify the immediate requirements and complete aerial mapping of the site accordingly.

With this in hand, they were able to identify blind spots on the site that would need defined CCTV coverage, along with a number of generic areas that could be covered by wide angle cameras.

The Security Solution

All cameras would utilise state of the art camera analytics to identify movement, with 360-degree PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras to then track any individuals on site.

This information could then be relayed as necessary by Remote Surveillance’s own in-house 24/7 Control Room to the Police, and also to the relevant guarding company that Remote Surveillance had instructed to attend the project in the event of a suspected site breach or unauthorised activity.

A Perimiter CCTV system was designed for the site utilising 8 x Static Camera’s. and 1 x 360-degree PTZ mounted on the top of the site cabins for visibility across the site.

A Self Powered (Solar) Thermal camera system was also mounted in the centre of the site (which was easily re-located as the site developed) and was a specific requirement from the Insurer’s due to the nature of the build (timber frame) and the previous history at the site.

The thermal camera was able to detect incredibly small heat sources being identified on the site (i.e. cigarette lighters) and link directly to our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre from swift, accurate action. It was also linked to the Fire Detection System (Bull) also in place on the project.

The project remained in place for 11 months and for the duration of the build.

The site was breached by individuals on one occasion who climbed in through unsecured fencing. Live audio warnings were given to the site and the individuals dispersed and did not return.
No thefts were reported for the duration of the project under Remote Surveillance Monitoring.
No damage to the site was recorded.