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Trawsfynydd, north wales

The Directors of Remote Surveillance were approached by the Energy Alliance in 2014 to deliver security on a challenging project across the Snowdonia Mountain ranges from Bala to Trawsfyndd, North Wales.

casestudie-image1The project scope was to secure the customers high value equipment during the refurbishment of 242 overhead line towers.

The directors designed a bespoke solution for the customer reducing the project security cost over manned guarding by £600,000.00 and delivered additional benefits in health and safety. A combination of the latest technology and manned guards delivered the project to an extremely high standard.

…reducing the project security cost over manned guarding by £600,000…

Our Sentry units also provided the client with important communications possibilities through the broadband wifi connections where mobile phones had no reception across the project route. This platform negated the use of expensive and unreliable satellite phones for communications.

Two different types of sentry units designed, one was designed with a generator built in to enable automatic charging and the other was charged using an external generator by a roaming guard. This was for sentry units near residential areas so the time of charging could be regulated to be during social hours.

casestudie-image3The sentry units used two thermal cameras and two CCD cameras for surveillance to enable it to monitor both the equipment and also the entry point for the site so as to raise the alarm with the control room as soon as any unauthorised personnel entered the site.

The thermal cameras were ideal for this type of application as they gave a clear image that wasn’t affected by weather and they could also see a long way into the distance giving the control room ample time before they reached the equipment.

The CCD cameras provided the means of recognition once a person on site was close enough to the unit, this meant the control room could make an informed decision as to whether they should be on site as well as gather evidence such as facial shots and vehicle registration numbers.

casestudie-image2The combination of the powerful remotely controlled LED white lights and the onboard public address system enabled the control room operative to give a personalised message warning to would be criminals that they are being monitored and to leave the site. An extremely effective combination in stopping crime on the sites we were monitoring. 

These sentry units were very mobile enabling it to be moved to a new site at very short notice. This gave the client peace of mind and the knowledge that they could rely on the security service being provided.