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Property Development & Vacant Site

Commercial buildings are increasingly becoming vacant, and we can offer a solution not only for temporary CCTV to keep them secure in line with requirements of Insurance Companies, but also to provide Property Management Companies and their clients a means of ‘viewing’ their properties in real time, without immediate need to visit.

CCTV cameras can be placed both inside the property for virtual walk rounds, but also around the site/property perimeter to alert our 24/7 Control room to potential intruders, and to prevent break-ins before they can occur.

In additional to this, Remote Surveillance will also provide 2D / 3D Aerial Imaging of the property along with 3D Mapping allowing prospective clients a chance to see the property from a different perspective – both of these services are without charge completed at the point of any property survey.

Temporary HD CCTV Camera System

  • Up to 9 x Static HD CCTV Cameras
  • 1 x Pan Tilt Zoom (360° Camera)
  • Site Perimitre
  • External AND Internal Cameras
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